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Kia ora anō!


I'm Ebony, a 32 year old Māmā from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

I believe that our mission in life is to learn, evolve, and teach. I dedicated the last 5 years to self development, healing, and mastering my gifts so I could be of service to others and to my damm self. 

My Story

In a nutshell...

I grew up in a small town, raised by two parents and showered with love. We moved to another town when I was 13 and that's when I was introduced to things like college, boys, and new people. I was in an unfortunate situation at the age of 14 which traumatised me for years. At the age of 16 I was a mother, at the age of 18 I was addicted to meth, and by the age of 22 I had two children earthside and 5 in Spirit.

In the year 2020, when the pandemic took over the world, we had all gone home to save lives and a lot of my energy was focused on the wellness of others and my own was unconsciously put on hold. I didn't have the self-awareness to know that I was not okay and that the service I was trying to give was having a huge affect on me. I'd spiralled so far down that it came to the point of me wanting to end my life.


Leading up to this event, I had been seeking guidance from others to help me remember who I am and what I could do.

Meditation became a daily practice and because of this, I was able to receive guidance from my Creator and team when I needed it which literally saved my life.  

My life took a huge turn from there and I was called to start my own business... yes, mid pandemic and yes, without any knowledge of running a business at all. I left my job in August 2020, became an official Sole Trader on September 1st 2020, and opened my first small biz, Intuitive Soul Guidance now known as Mistik Flow - a space of Empowerment, Enlightenment and Love. 

Did you know that YOU also have a life full of experiences that can be turned into purpose.

We do not need to land at the bottom for the path to become clear, the path reveals itself when you choose to make YOU a priority.


Your potential is limitless, you can and you will succeed! ​

Open invitation

I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities to speak to groups or 1:1.

Contact me to see how we can make it happen! It would be an honour.

027 648 8400

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